Washington, DC Semester Intern: Breanna Bishop

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Meet Breanna Bishop who is part of a growing number of students that participate in two internship programs during their undergraduate years at Michigan State University.  Breanna was part of MSU’s New York City internship program during summer 2013 and also participated in the spring 2014 Washington, DC Program.  Read her interview below to learn how the first internship prepared her for the second.

breanna-bishop portrait

Name: Breanna Bishop

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Major: Journalism

Graduation: May 2014

Internship Placement: Human Rights Campaign

Internship Location: Washington, DC

How did the academic portion on the political, monumental, and social culture of Washington, DC  benefit your experience within the study away program?

I think the academic portion of the program allowed me to gain a better understanding of DC. I think it’s necessary to understand the history of a place and the events that shape its identity.

What were your primary responsibilities at your internship?

My primary responsibilities included: assisting the Publications Director with copyediting and research. I was also able to draft interview questions and contribute my writing to EQUALITY magazine, HRC’s Federal Club Newsletter and the official HRC blog. My biggest projects were working on the magazine, as it takes a lot of background work to prepare for interviews and it goes through several rounds of editing. It was a bit exhausting at times, but seeing the finished publication was definitely worth the time and effort put in.

What was one of the highlights of your internship?

One of the highlights of my internship was being able to meet so many inspiring people who are passionate about the mission of HRC. It was amazing to be around so many people, who make it their job to fight for equality in our society.  

What was the biggest adjustment you had to make living in DC?

The biggest adjustment I had to make living in DC was budgeting. It wasn’t extremely difficult to do, but of course, it’s extremely different than any city in Michigan. I feel that my previous Study Away experience in New York really prepared me for being able to effectively manage my money.

How has your internship experience enhanced your academic and/or career plans?

It made it clear to me that journalism is the field in which I belong. I really enjoyed writing for the magazine and being able to experience the publication process, but I also learned how much I like the culture of nonprofit organizations. I think my internship experience really made me want to incorporate my interest in advocacy and journalism. I also think it solidified my decision to attend graduate school, while it may not be in the immediate future; it is definitely something that I’m looking forward to.

Why should an MSU student apply to this Washington, DC Study Away & Internship program?

MSU students should apply to the DC Study Away & Internship program because it really allows you to experience what types of work environments you thrive in. You may find that the initial career path you wanted to embark upon isn’t as fulfilling as you thought it would be or it may reinforce that it’s the right field for you. I think it allows you to gain a sense of what it is you want to do before you’re actually placed into the work force after graduating.

NOTE: Although these programs are administered by the College of Social Science, students of any major can participate.  As a Journalism major, Breanna was able to earn credits that applied to her degree due to a partnership between the College of Social Science and the College of Communication Arts & Sciences. This is unique to the Washington, DC Program that also includes partnerships with James Madison College, College of Arts & Letters and College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

If you would like to learn more please visit MSU’s College of Social Science website: http://socialscience.msu.edu and check for upcoming informational meeting on the event calendar or call 517-432-4541 to schedule an appointment with a program coordinator.


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