Boston Featured Intern: Meet Kelly Dunnigan

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Here is our next installment of MSU’s Study Away Program’s Featured Intern.

Meet Kelly Dunnigan.  She just completed a summer internship in Boston where we were fortunate enough to meet Kelly and her internship supervisors on a site visit in June.

Kelly highlights something significant in her interview; challenging yourself, instead of limiting your experience based on specific career expectations, can result in a richer learning experience.  I think that she would agree that she leaves her summer internship with an unexpected skill set that adds value to any career path she chooses. 

Dunnigan in Boston

Name: Kelly Dunnigan

Major: Psychology

Graduation date: May 2015

Internship placement: FCD Educational Services

Internship location: Boston, MA 

How did you learn about MSU’s Study and Internship programs and why did you choose to apply? I saw a sign advertising the program in the psychology building and I thought it sounded interesting. I looked up more about it online and thought I should apply. I’ve always wanted to go to Boston and live in a big city, so it was perfect to get to do that and do an internship.  

What are your primary responsibilities at your internship? I did a few different things at FCD. I started out doing administrative tasks while I learned more about the operations of the company, then eventually started updating and redesigning their email marketing system, helped redesign the website, did some infographic design, and started researching for and writing an ejournal about mental health and substance abuse for their email list.  

What’s your favorite thing about working / living in Boston? Boston is a really great city. Everyone told me before I left that its actually a small city and easy to get around, and it was very true. There’s so much to see and do but you can get anywhere within half an hour.  

How has your internship experience impacted your academic and/or career plans? My internship definitely taught me more about my working style and my professional skills. I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to go into after I graduate, and now I have a better idea. 

Tell us one amazing or surprising highlight of your internship. Are there any “AHA” moments? I had no clue that I could do graphic design. I saw an opportunity for FCD to grow and modernize, suggested it, and challenged myself. It worked out much better than I thought it would! 

If you were speaking to an MSU student who was thinking about applying to an internship program, what would you say to convince them? Internships are really the best way for college students to get quality references and real experience. Having this internship made me feel a lot better about my potential to get a job after I graduate. That sense of security alone is worth the work, even if your internship is unpaid.

Are YOU interested in a Boston internship Be sure to explore to learn about study and internship programs in Boston, as well as in our other off campus locations.


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