Confidence Machine

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Internships are the perfect vehicle to build confidence.  They are like machines that process confused, sometimes scared, college students and turn out polished young professionals a few months later.  The transformation is physically evident to parents who often don’t even recognize their own child at the end of the progression.  They somehow seem taller, and well…more grown up!

Confidence is the key to it all.  In a survey, 46% of employers revealed that internship experiences and interview skills are what matter most to them. These two characteristics go hand in hand because confidence is needed for either one to help you land the job. Did you think it was your GPA (3%)?  Your new interview suit (2%)?  No, it’s your ability to communicate your experiences and new skills with confidence.

If you have not engaged in an internship experience before college graduation, run don’t walk to sign up for a program, preferably one that takes you outside of the campus bubble. Most university internship programs provide intentional learning experiences that include reflective assignments designed to connect your academics to the professional world.  This is your opportunity to test drive your chosen field, either confirming your choice or realizing that it wasn’t what you expected.  Either way, that knowledge is valuable.

Teddy Roosevelt once said that each time we face a fear we gain strength, courage, and confidence.   As part of an internship experience you will learn about yourself and what you are capable of as you push through the fear and doubt and arrive with confidence at your next destination.


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