A Wonderful Place

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Adolescence is often thought of as a painfully turbulent transformation in one’s life. Maybe it’s the eternal optimist in me, but from my perspective it is a magical time filled with opportunities, challenges and life lessons.  It’s the metaphorical butterfly emerging from a cocoon; the entire world opens up to a view of all that is possible!

Unselfishly (or so I thought) I have always been happy to offer up survival tips and cautionary tales to the young people in my life as a way to help them navigate tough transitions.  Ah, but I had ulterior motives.  By choosing to make advising adolescents and young adults my life’s work I have found a way to vicariously relive my younger days while absorbing a steady dose of ageless energy. Yes, I’ve found my own personal fountain of youth. My fountain doesn’t do much for wrinkles, but it works wonders for my outlook on life!

The intention of my blog is to provide practical information, as well as personal insight, to those approaching career and life transitions.  Based on my career, which has seen several incarnations of its own, as well as my education, the message I wish to bring to youth, as well as to my peers, is that where there is transformation, there is opportunity for learning.

Take the opportunity to live, to learn, and to come to the next experience with a greater understanding of yourself and the world.  If you are lucky (yes, luck plays a role) one day you will arrive at a wonderful place.  It’s the place you were headed to all along, but were not prepared for without the knowledge acquired during transformational times.

So, if you are transitioning from campus life to the professional world or from secretary to social activist, I invite you to make Tales of Transformation a part of your journey.  In the meantime, I will be in a wonderful place drinking from the fountain and watching the butterflies emerge.



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One Response to “A Wonderful Place”

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Hi Vicki,

As someone who has walked alongside you, and watched from afar depending on my location, I know you’ll bring uncanny perspective to this blog.

I don’t buy the ‘living vicariously’ motivation though. You’ve ALWAYS been interested in youth but you’re one of the most self-directed people I know. You’re a leader which is why I’ll be reading every one of these posts.

Welcome to the world of blogging!

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